What is Data Intelligence?

Data intelligence is the practice of using analytical tools and methods to assess information from various data logs, including prescriptive and predictive analytics. The information processed helps improve services or investments through intelligent decision-making, directly impacting the profit margin of any business.

Benefits of Data Intelligence


Data Intelligence helps businesses achieve quantitative goals such as monthly sales or on-time delivery. It helps forecast outcomes, spot market trends, monitor inventory, track process performance, enrich feedback, and increase profit margin.


Data Intelligence helps interpret and intuitively visualize historical data, real-time updates, forecasts, and trends. The massive unstructured data sets are processed and informs key business metrics for marketing and sales to deliver on the ROI.

Return on

With in-depth visibility into inventory, Data Intelligence informs supply-chain decisions for accelerated productivity and influence. Data intelligence aligns business activities to business objectives to deliver maximum return on investment (ROI).

A Winning

When a business leverages Data Intelligence to its fullest potential, it builds a sustainable business culture that’s rewarding for everyone contributing to the growth of the business. Trusting data helps avoid biases that are detrimental to any holistic growth.

RADcube Data Intelligence Services

Data Engineering
Data Engineering is the art of designing and building pipelines transforming and transporting data to fuel an organization’s course of strategic or technical innovation. Data Engineering in the age of big data encompasses reliance on robust data infrastructure, data warehousing, data mining, data modeling, data crunching, and metadata management.
Data Science
Data science is the process of leveraging scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from large sets of structured and unstructured data from a broad range of application domains. The clean information extracted is studied to formulate actionable insights for business excellence.
Data Ops
DataOps is an automated practice of process-oriented methodology for improving data quality, bettering data analytics, and reducing the production life-cycle of actionable insights. In the beginning, DataOps was a set of best practices, but based on productive results, it is now considered an independent approach to data analytics.

Sector-Wise Importance of Data Intelligence


Across federal, state, and local government agencies, there is an increased drive for more efficiency and greater transparency for public expenditure disclosure, budgetary control, and management, asset control and assessment, environmental monitoring, etc. Data Intelligence is the redeemer to articulate information clearly and concisely.

Healthcare &
Life Sciences

From connected medical devices to embedded value across the patient lifecycle, from increasing patient treatment outcomes to optimizing the cost of value-based care, Data Intelligence is invincible in the healthcare industry. Thanks to Data Intelligence, the Life Sciences industry has come up with the COVID-19 vaccination!


Data Intelligence helps the energy sector control public consumption of energy, monitor and track energy usage, predict risks associated with energy trading, analyze energy generation and power outages in real-time, and improve customer services to monitor and streamline service center and call center operations.


The role of Data Intelligence in the manufacturing sector is to automate accountability. It brings people and data together for a significant outcome without the interference of higher management, speeds up delivery, tracks inventory in real-time, and quickly identifies points of constraints to emerge successfully in a competitive global market.


The financial sector generates an inordinate amount of big data for good, which may turn bad if it’s not for Data Intelligence. It helps the industry analyze organizational data, improve and streamline operational efficiencies to bolster sales, marketing strategies, customer service programs, mitigate risk, and more.

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