What is Customer Experience?

Today, Customer Experience (CX) is the ultimate marketing tool. The kind of customer experience your customer service will generate will directly impact your business reputation and brand valuation. It is the influence of the CX that determines how a customer’s focus may shift from the pricing of the offering to the value it generates. Companies focused too little on the end-to-end customer journey now need to level up their CX

Benefits of Customer Experience

Competitive Differentiator
The market can replicate your product or service, but not your customer’s entire purchasing experience in this digital world. That’s the power of CX as a competitive differentiator attracting growth-minded enterprises to heavily invested in it.
Brands suffer a great deal about brand advocacy as employees are busy turning in their standard delivery. Enterprises can invest in media buying for brand advocacy, but it is only effective so far compared to customers owning the brand with pride & loyalty

Improved Customer Experience (CX) is better customer retention and lesser churn out, which is why CX directly impacts the bottom line. The financial incumbent encourages tremendous stewardship in helping a business scale up over time.

Better Market
Customer Experience (CX) contributes to better market equity. An enterprise aspiring to go public can leverage CX’s impact to gain market authority. The one already listed can enjoy a hike in the total dollar value of public shares.

RADcube Customer Experience Services

UX/UI Design & Development

It is great to be a part of an ecosystem but sick to be a copy of something that cannot fight for itself. RADcube’s creative approach to UX/UI design helps you stand out while staying a part of the commercial ecosystem. From ideation, inspiration to execution, RADcube endeavors to analyze user behavior by positioning as the end-user to manifest the experience. The result? A holistic user journey that impresses the industry how you care for your clients.

CRM Implementation

Our CRM implementation starts with assessing your business strategy, determining tactics, and assigning KPIs. We then map those business goals to expected outcomes and adjust with a focus on optimized lead generation for your sales pipeline, creating customer-specific journeys to fuel engagement, and empowering your staff with a 360-degree view of customers and prospects—the service factors in training, support, and change management.

Omnichannel Customer Support (Chat bots/Voice Bots/Email Bots)

An omnichannel customer strategy integrates all communication channels for an organization to respond to captive or prospective clients in no time. RADcube’s Omnichannel Voicebots/ Chatbots/ EmailBots get the smart work done while resources focus on more strategic initiatives. We build bots leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and natural language understanding (NLU) that comprehend customer queries, learn from past interactions, and store information from each user in a centralized database.

Sector-Wise Importance of Customer Experience


Government bodies drive laws and regulations, and today in the digital world, the way a user is interacts with the digital presence of a government agency determines its Customer Experience (CX) competency. Starting from features including disability customization to the navigational directive, intelligent customer support, or a one-click buying window, all of these & more determine how the impression of a progressive government.

Healthcare &
Life Sciences

As per the need of the hour, we see how advanced CX can be comforting for the patients as well as convenient for the manufacturers. Instead of focusing on awareness and diagnosis, focusing CX on the patient journey helps deliver patient therapy without flouting safety protocols. Powerful CX can be programmed to track data that can intelligently translate into patient expedited recovery & wellbeing


The energy sector is riddled with challenges as enterprises in the oil and gas sector still rely on outdated systems to delay investment. For this industry to consider a digital makeover, customer experience (CX) should be a necessary consideration. High-ticket B2B digital transactions rely heavily on efficient CX; else, it takes a second to consider a second seller ensuring a better customer journey


Servitization is not an odd sale but an outcome-focused strategic relationship with the customer, requiring manufacturers to invest in ongoing post-sales customer engagement. Engaging customers, keeping them in the loop of the latest release on the purchased product, enabling offer discovery and self-service, etc., define Customer Experience in the manufacturing sector


In the financial sector, Customer experience (CX) means a strategic approach to building customer loyalty, reducing costs, making employees happier, and boosting revenues significantly. Sometimes, this focus on a customer’s CX satisfaction ensures lifetime profitability through active recommendation five to eight times more impactful over a negative perception.

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