Total Time System

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The Total Time System provides insights into how much of your home’s energy use is related to items on the checklist. The final auditing report will estimate how much money you can save through a variety of energy-efficiency improvements and lower utility bills.


  • Online Scheduling Tool
    • Customers can schedule their own energy audit appointments online
    • Technology automatically matches auditors’ schedules based on date, time and location of customer request
    • Access through secure website
    • Email and text message communication options

 totla time system

  • Online Energy Auditing
    • Eliminate hand-written auditing reports
    • Upload documents, photos and notes
    • Energy audit photos can be embedded in reports
    • Inventory Management 
  • Online Energy Analytics
    • Energy Conservation algorithms are programmed into software for accurate energy calculations
    • Provides an immediate onsite Scorecard that accesses current energy consumption and predicts savings amounts with recommended upgrades.
    • Offer detailed Energy Analysis and Upgrades Report.