Intelligent Applications

RADcube provides services at all points of Intelligent App development, deployment, and support.

Radcube develops in Agile fashion with modern PaaS and DevOps techniques. For any given project, our flexible technology stack allows us to adapt to both the new and changing needs of our clients. We provide analytic insights at the point of decision for everyone, and updates for constant relevance. Radcube delivers in whatever way is best for you, including mobile, web, IOT systems, and many more.

At Radcube, we maintain a “security at every point” mindset with any project we take on. We actively seek out security issues, and we are committed to ensuring they are addressed immediately.

Big Data & Analytics

Data is usually a projects number one resource and at RADcube we treat your data with the upmost care. We specialize in large data set gathering, digestion, and packaging. With your data we can provide intelligent analytics to help further your projects goals.

Cognitive APIs

Machine and deep learning are leading the way in intelligent applications. With cognitive APIs we can help your project succeed with computer vision, speech recognition, object detection, and video processing.


DevOps, or Development Operations, is a project development methodology that allows for quick deployments, low failure rate, and shortened time between fixes. RADcube always operates with a DevOps mindset which allows for your project pipeline to be efficient, error free, and quick to deploy.


When you choose RADcube, your security comes first. With the ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks, data leaks, and man in the middle attacks, we make sure you are protected. We will help you implement our expert suite of security services and provide you with 24/7 security support.

Serverless Microservices

Serverless Microservices are becoming ever present in the applications landscape. We split up your project into a series of microservices that can run independently of each other to allow for faster, more intelligent applications. We will help you through every step of the process and provide continuous support thereafter.


Projects and programs rely on a series out outside services to make them run smoothly. At RADcube we will provide assistance in integrating with various APIS, security services, and the cloud to make your project function at the best of its ability. No matter the size and scope, RADcube will help you at every step of the way.