Enterprise Integration Customer Requirement

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The customer is a US based Multi-Channel Retail Chain specialized in fashion related clothing and accessories. With over 80 stores across US and multiple online sales channel generates over 1 Billion USD of revenue

The customer’s IT initiatives were directed towards acquiring best-of-breed products for different functional areas, like Onyx for CRM, Great Plains for ERP and Yantra for BPM. They wanted these products to be integrated to support and facilitate their business processes. Some of the challenges that were identified were the synchronizing of data between different systems, reducing redundancy and overheads due to continuously changing business needs.

RADcube’s Solution

RADcube worked with the customer towards evolving a long-term strategic roadmap while keeping existing products up-to-date with respect to technology and business scenarios. A phased approach was evolved towards coming up with a single, unified system based on Microsoft technologies and removal of the redundant products.

Simultaneously, RADcube worked towards keeping the current integration between various products functional without really modifying the customer’s existing business processes. RADcube also adopted a plug-n-play and de-coupled approach towards the integration to prevent over-dependence on any one product and for better security.

Tools Used:

Technology: COM, COM+, .NET, SQL server, Biztalk 2004

Products integrated: MS Great Plains, Interworld, ONYX, Yantra


3 April 2017