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The government’s IT budget for 2015 was more than $400 million.  Technology is changing the ways we govern and interact with our citizens.  With 97% of household’s internet capable, citizens now expect to connect with governments and public sector agencies in a secure, seamless, and reliable environment. Public service employees need to collaborate across multiple agencies and geographies in real time.

Government officials are exploring new ways of doing things in order to cope with the challenges of globalization, economic uncertainty, emerging technologies, and a more connected citizen base. Cost of products and services as well as the most relevant technology solutions/best practices are necessary for our government to effectively execute its services.

We have identified some challenges Government agencies are facing:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Ineffective Project Management
  • Lack of Transparency

Our Solutions:

  • Government Sector Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Services
  • Government Sector Enterprise Content Management Services
  • Government Sector Business Process Management Services
  • Government Sector Mobile Application Services
  • Government Sector Enterprise Application Services
  • Government Sector Project Management Services