Health Information Technology (HIT)

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Our HIT mission is to remove you from your technology concerns allowing you to focus on running your business. We understand the complexity of technology covering a wide variety of healthcare organizations. We assist health systems, hospitals, physician practice groups, life sciences and medical transportation companies in designing, developing, analyzing and implementing integrated, technology-enabled solutions that create high-performing healthcare organizations.

HIT Practice Areas

HIT – Administrative

  • Software intended to facilitate admissions
  • Billing and claims processing
  • Practice and inventory management
  • Scheduling, general purpose communications
  • Analysis of historical claims data to predict future utilization or cost-effectiveness
  • Determination of health benefit eligibility
  • Population health management
  • Reporting of communicable diseases to public health agencies
  • Reporting on quality measures

HIT – Health Management

  • Health information and data management
  • Data capture and encounter documentation
  • Electronic access to clinical results
  • Most clinical decision support
  • Medication management (electronic medication administration records)
  • Electronic communication and coordination
  • Provider order entry
  • Knowledge (clinical evidence) management
  • Patient identification and matching

HIT – Medical Device

  • Computer aided detection/diagnostic software
  • Remote display or notification of real-time alarms
  • Diagnostic Software Surgical Control Solutions
  • Certain medical exchange protocols or transmission elements
  • Use of Wireless Spectrum

HIT – Solutions & Differentiators

  • Health IT design and development, including usability
  • Local implementation, customization and maintenance of health IT
  • Interoperability
  • Quality management, including quality systems
  • Risk management
  • Product testing, certification and accreditation

HIT – Services

  • Product Development Services
  • Mobility Services
  • Data Processing & Reporting
  • Infrastructure