Eskenazi Wishard

Project delivery

Based on our long history and deep understanding of the Eskenazi Health system, RADcube was contracted to develop a new website for the hospital and health care system.

Quality performance

RADcube began by conducting a website audit to better understand the current website’s performance and to ascertain desirable enhancements and updates. RADcube reviewed the current site structure and site map, crawled the site to identify weaknesses and opportunities for search engine optimization both in terms of technical framework and specifications and content analysis, and reviewed content for user friendliness, meta descriptions, and page errors.

Following the website audit, RADcube managed the redesign of the Eskenazi Health website from start to finish. The new site is user-cantered to drive value, reinforce trust, build brand equity, and offer a personalized, efficient, interactive, and engaging experience for each user.

Strategic Skillsets & Capabilities

For advanced coding, programming development and consulting, RADcube partnered with a highly specialized digital development agency. Chosen in collaboration with the Eskenazi Health leadership team, the partner has expertise in making and managing websites, mobile experiences, content management systems and apps as well as in implementing and delivering analytics to provide unmatched insights and opportunities for Eskenazi Health’s interactive efforts.

To date, tasks performed include website audit and research, website design, UX interface planning and wireframing, copy development, photography, videography, video production, custom CMS integrations, metrics/analytics, and project management. Training and post-launch support will be included as well.

From the start, RADcube has employed an iterative, tested, and proven development process that allows for the best possible end-product while effectively optimizing timelines and budgets. Utilizing a Gantt chart that identifies tasks, benchmarks, timelines and deliverables, all parties have kept abreast of all phases of the project, including Research and Discovery, Planning, Design and Content Development, Build, Quality Control, Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch.