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Our Enterprise Search Solutions helps customer-facing websites, corporate intranets or data stores attain greater business value by integrating, sales transaction systems, document repositories, access-control systems, content management application, and business intelligence applications.

An integrated search engine with a great user experience will provide a positive impact on business, sales and on the overall success of online initiatives.

Our Method

Our method starts with discovery process to identify your users’, requirements in a search solution. Once the discovery phase has been completed began the prototyping phase- where build a mock-up a replica model illustrating  how our clients new search engine will work. We deliver search interfaces that are perfectly designed to nurture the end user to their desired information.

Designing and developing a sophisticated enterprise search solution will involve the many teams and departments in your organization.  Managing this types of projects are extremely critical, and so we offer project management experts who have proven experience in Enterprise Search Solutions.

What We Offer

  • Open source enterprise search
  • Proprietary enterprise search
  • Website search solutions
  • Intranet and data store search solutions
  • Federated search
  • Integrated search results
  • Search user experience
  • Search installation, customisation and tuning
  • Search solution migration
  • Extending search capabilities
  • Search quality tuning, auditing and monitoring
  • Search strategy consulting

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