Legacy System Modernization

In the energy sector, despite challenges, companies still spend a majority of their IT budget on maintaining outdated systems, which is costly and produces no profitable output. Maintaining legacy mainframes requires significant power and resources for smooth functioning also detrimental to the environment. For example, producing electricity by leveraging old technologies is counterproductive to the enterprises’ well-being, geography, and population. 

Customer Experience

The energy sector is riddled with challenges as enterprises in the oil and gas sector still rely on outdated systems to delay investment. For this industry to consider a digital makeover, customer experience (CX) should be a necessary consideration. High-ticket B2B digital transactions rely heavily on efficient CX; else, it takes a second to consider a second seller ensuring a better customer journey.

Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence helps the energy sector control public consumption, monitor and track energy usage, predict the risk associated with energy trading, analyze energy generation and power outages in real-time, and improve customer services to monitor and streamline service center and call center operations. 

Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), in this context, saves cost by performing activities of several FTEs, minimizing errors, and improving the turnaround time in resolving customer issues. RPA helps the energy and utility sector scale up rapidly during disasters and crises and builds resilience to quickly adapt to constant policy and regulatory changes in the industry.