Revolutionizing Data Integration: Empowering Advanced Analytics through an Innovative Approach


RADcube undertook a groundbreaking data integration project for Citizens Energy Group, utilizing an innovative approach to transform data and unlock advanced analytics capabilities. The project encompassed EBS pipelines, D360 data migration, Unifier ETL processes, multi-source aggregation analysis, and data profiling. By leveraging cutting-edge techniques, the project aimed to unify data sources, establish a centralized Data Lake, and implement a modern Data Lake House architecture.


  • Designed and developed EBS pipelines for seamless data extraction and loading into Azure Synapse.
  • Employed an innovative framework for migrating data from Vertica DB in D360 to SQL serverless views/tables within Synapse.
  • Implemented advanced ETL solutions for the Unifier API, utilizing Azure Synapse pipelines for efficient full refresh and incremental data loading.
  • Recreated complex multi-source aggregation analysis workflows within Azure Synapse, enabling seamless data consolidation and processing.
  • Integrated data profiling and quality checks into Synapse pipelines to ensure high data accuracy and reliability.


  • Achieved a 40% reduction in data integration time, leading to enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Improved data accuracy by implementing automated data profiling processes, resulting in a 50% increase in data reliability.
  • Enabled data-driven decision-making through comprehensive analytics capabilities, leading to a 30% improvement in strategic insights.
  • Successfully introduced the innovative concept of a Data Lake House, providing efficient storage, management, and computing capabilities.
  • Empowered advanced dimensional modeling and the creation of fact and dimension tables for enhanced analytics.


RADcube's data integration project showcases the power of an innovative approach in transforming data integration for Citizens Energy Group. By leveraging cutting-edge techniques and technologies, including EBS pipelines, D360 data migration, Unifier ETL processes, multi-source aggregation analysis, and data profiling, the project enabled advanced analytics capabilities. The introduction of a centralized Data Lake and the implementation of a modern Data Lake House architecture marked a significant milestone. RADcube's expertise in data integration and their innovative approach empowered Citizens Energy Group to revolutionize their analytics capabilities and make data-driven decisions with confidence. The impressive KPIs achieved highlight the success of the project and its impact on operational efficiency and strategic insights.