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RADcube experts provide strategy, delivery, and optimization to help minimize project risks and drive a faster time-to-value to large- and small-scale technical data problems with an emphasis on analysis and visualization. RADcube team members are highly trained consultants and experts at solving big data challenges. Our mission is to capture the right data during the right moment and provide our clients competitive advantage over their competitors.

These engagements could cover the following types of efforts:

  • Strategic advice on large implementations ​
  • Fine-tuning deployments ​
  • Development of custom features and analytic applications ​
  • Enterprise implementation support ​

24/ 7 Support

RADcube Global Support Team recognizes that the success of data management strategy depends not only on the strength of our software, but also on our commitment to provide timely, high quality customer service and technical support. RADcube takes pride in our global network of technical support centers delivering 24/7 responsive high quality of support, online, by phone and email, depending on your level of support.​

RADcube Enterprise Framework 1.0


RADcube Enterprise Framework is built on the philosophy of 3Ps (Portfolios, Programs and Projects).  RADcube visualize Big Data as the business program enabled through technology.

Each of our engagement starts with asking questions which justifies investment and corporate strategies at the portfolio level of an enterprise. This result in prioritizing programs aimed at achieving strategic objectives which not only saves cost but fosters the culture of innovation and trust in an organization. Finally we start implementing projects that are linked to Big Data programs and portfolios.

This approach not only ensures high project success rates but also establishes a single most important agenda across the enterprise which helps to achieve stakeholder alignment that provides a definite competitive advantage.

We focus on optimizing Big Data Ecosystem (BDE) that deals with the evolving data, models and required infrastructure during the whole Big Data lifecycle.

BDE includes the whole complex of components to store, process, visualize and deliver results to target applications. Actually Big Data is “a fuel” of all these processes, source, target, and outcome.