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More advanced analysis helps you understand why it happened. But the most valuable analytics are those that use your data to predict what will happen in the future. Being able to predict precisely from data analysis gives you an advantage over your competition our predictive analytics capabilities provide strategic advantage to your company to manage change proactively and minimize risk. Our data scientists can build predictive models on customer purchasing patterns, support feedback, social media and more.

Benefits of Analytics Consulting:

  • Detect patterns to initiate action
  • Monitor progress and KPI’s
  • Catch suspicious trends before loss occurs

Most companies use analytics. Many can act on data from months, weeks, or even days. Only few can respond to changes in real-time. RADCube allows you to monetize your most important data and extract insights when it’s most valuable – in real-time. RADCube real-time analytics are focused on providing a solution for enterprises using the right set of tools.

Benefits of Real Time Analytics:

  • Data-driven decisions
  • Better efficiency
  • Respond quickly to customer trends

Predictive Big Data analysis provides an effective way to be more proactive in the fight against fraud. Fraudulent claims are a serious financial burden on insurers and result in higher overall insurance costs.

RADCube is implementing strategies with our clients to ensure maximum fraud coverage that has a minimum impact on good customers. We are setting up risk-based models that allow organizations to detect indicators of fraudulent activity much sooner and stop it before it materializes and causes financial damage.

Our predictive analysis technology components provide solutions that are:

  • Automated from end-to-end
  • Easily configurable/customizable
  • Able to respond quickly and adapt
  • Able to provide metrics/reporting

These repeatable and automated procedures for continuous auditing and monitoring gives our clients better insight and improves their ability to access and manage business risk. The goal is to spot potential fraudulent activity before it happens.

Consumer Insights allows you to Gain insights from all channels and systems will allow you deliver relevant, personalized interactions to customers over a lifetime and easily integrate demographic, firmographic, segmentation, and geo-spatial data. By applying consumer insights tools and to your data, we’ll help you analyze customer interactions across channels inside and outside the company. You’ll identify your best prospects, improve retention and give every customer a better experience. Learn how RADCube can help you use analytics to create stronger, longer lasting relationships with your customers.

Benefits of Our Customer Analytics Approach:

  • Strengthen Brand
  • Loyalty
  • Improve Supply Chain
  • Targeted messaging