Redesigning Healthcare ecosystem with

Conversational AI Technology

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a technology that enables machines to understand, process and carry out a human-like conversation between a business and its customers in the form of chats or speech. It combines a set of technologies including natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and contextual awareness.

Improving interactions across all channels

RADcube is streamlining healthcare processes through innovative AI-powered Chatbots and Voicebots to meet today’s customer demands, deliver a high-quality experience and reduce costs.


Go beyond traditional live chat with AI-powered chatbots and build real relationships. Provide instant support to your users across any messaging channels they prefer. Conversational AI Chatbots can understand language out of its pre-programmed commands and continue learning through the inputs it receives.


RADcube’s AI-powered IVR can interact with users in human-like natural language through voice. It executes an intuitive service experience that understands the user’s needs and resolves queries within the IVR. Conversational IVR can be easily integrated with your existing contact center software and automate responding to customer queries.

Benefits of Conversational AI

Cost effective

Providing support service using Conversational AI can reduce the overall cost of business around compensations spent on extra manpower.

Superior customer service

Capable of carrying out a personalized conversation by providing real-time information, solving problems faster and accurately.

Drives sales

Improved engagements lead to better sales. Thereby increasing the overall conversion rate by converting visitors to leads.


Easily scalable and available in a variety of languages. Integrates seamlessly with the existing processes.

24/7 available & prompt

Provides 24-hour support service. Delivers responses instantly and cuts down on wait time.



of healthcare leaders surveyed see positive ROI from personalization technologies, like text messaging


Reducing no shows can increase revenue by


Per year per physician


Using online scheduling and improving online presence can bring a


Increase in new patients


Better use of digital technology for engagement is important to


Of patients


Raising the bar of service quality for insurance companies!

Serve your customers better by improving service efficiency, predicting customers’ needs, and reducing human-induced errors. RADcube’s highly intelligent Conversational AI solutions can simplify complex situations, respond and guide them through each step in a productive and effortless way.


Transforming healthcare services in the best possible way!

Enhance patient engagement with RADcube’s Conversational AI technology by providing quality care and improving operational efficiency.


Redesigning the way Life Sciences and Pharma companies interact and engage with users in the ever-evolving healthcare Industry.

Provide automated support and build a strong relationship with doctors, clients, and employees. Solve complex challenges faced by your organization and increase efficiency in the process of R&D.


Multi-lingual AI have a natural and meaningful conversation with customers in their local language
Omnichannel tool powered with cutting edge AI
End to End hyper automation with our low-code engine
Easy channel and backend integration integrate easily on all your digital channels
Enterprise grade security Hosting on cloud or on-premise with AES 256-bit encryption
Contextual Understanding + Sentiment Analysis easily respond to follow up Qs, gauge customer satisfaction
Enterprise readiness pre trained datasets + seamless agent handover + dashboard & reporting tools!

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