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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAkHAAAAJDU1OGVmYzU5LWJiNzgtNDA0Ny1iNWM4LTBlMGFjMDYwMzEzNwAre you really prepared to perform Analytics on PHI data?

Are you really prepared to perform Analytics on PHI data?

Healthcare data is huge and it is growing exponentially. The question is whether you are leveraging that data for secondary research or analytics purposes. If the answer is yes you might actually want to revisit some of the data de-identification methods, policies and processes you have adopted. As per HIPAA privacy rule set you have to de-identify the data before it can be classified as non PHI.

Although you can de-identify by simple approach like Safe Harbor which talks about identifying and dealing with direct identifiers and taking them off from the data, but it renders the data useless for any functional use. To overcome these limitations there is an alternative approach which talks about de-identifying data through statistical methods and considering the overall context in a particular setting.

We at RADCube have developed a risk based methodology which helps you to mitigate all types of privacy breach risks while retaining the functional use of the data. If you are interested to learn more please connect with us

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Search_soluEnterprise Search Solutions

Enterprise Search Solutions

Enterprise Search Solutions: Enterprise Search Solutions will help customer-facing websites, corporate intranets or data stores attain greater business value by integrating, sales transaction systems, document repositories, access-control systems, content management application, and business intelligence applications.

RADCube Healthcare Mobile Application Platform (RHMAP): Our platform has the potential to provide improved access to healthcare by providing improved patient engagements, supporting new provider business models and improved patient safety.

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HealthcareNew Projects/Customers

New Projects/Customers

RadCube is currently designing and developing  the web portal for Indiana’s leading Healthcare Institution.

Let RadCube help unleash your creativity and reclaim your digital life with our Social Media Application.  It gives you the ability to quickly share anything, anywhere, by processing digital media like your pictures, videos and sound bites.

Performing digital design and development services for a non-profit organization that aims to facilitate relationship building among individuals and organizations through education, examples and engagement.

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