Type: Contract | Location: Indianapolis, Indiana | Job Posted on: 17 Dec 2019
Quality Engineer will:
• Develop and execute sql queries to validate user requirements, identify test data, stage data, identify data anomalies
• Develop and execute manual test cases
• Develop and execute automated test scripts
• Ensure acceptable test coverage;
• Demonstrate ability to work productively in an agile environment
• Communicate regularly with internal users to ensure adequate beta testing
• Use agile methodology, with teams comprised of Team Facilitator, Business Analyst, Software Engineers, and Software Quality Engineer
• Use jira to effectively radiate work progress

High Level Technical Skills/experience Required
• 2 years Relational database experience, including SQL querying ability, using Oracle database and SQL Developer
• 1 years Selenium and/or Protractor experience
• Experience using Jira, GitLab, IntelliJ, scrum-based or agile methodology
• Experience performing manual and exploratory testing
• Experience in developing and maintaining test automation...