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RADCube help our customers to organize their para transit  electronic EDI billing operations to be more affordable, efficient and effective. Billing electronically has a variety of benefits:

  • Claims get to the payer faster so you get paid faster
  • Minimizes billing errors
  • Less labor intensive
  • Save on paper and postage

In addition, RADcube also supports automated posting of payments for any payer that issues HIPAA 835 remittances, along with some specific payers we’ve partnered with that have their own formats.

Outstanding Key Features

  • HIPAA compliant



    Affordable and easy-to-use

  • Reduce billing cost

    Easy enough to keep your billing and revenue in-house

    Improved NEMT billing

  • Improve cash flow

    Get paid in a timely fashion

    Faster reimbursement

    Denied claims management


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