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EDI Solutions

Our solution allows seamless EDI communication between the client and their trading partners. By fully integrating the B2BGateway EDI solution with RADCube, there is no need for the user to re-key data, thus eliminating errors and speeding up supply chain processes.

  • International EDI file standards including X12, EDIFACT, Eancom, Tradacoms, PEPPOL, oioUBL, etc
  • Communication protocols required VAN, AS2, FTP, sFTP, etc.


The primary value you will receive from our EDI eCommerce will be tighter integration with your trading partners. You will be able to respond more quickly to changes in your supply chain, and better achieve your targets for key customer service and fulfillment metrics. You will get a greater return on the assets deployed in your RADcube EDI eCommerce and fulfillment processes.

Reduces EDI cost. Saves testing, development and implementation time through easily defined trading partner maps at the user interface level.

Speeds up integration of new trading partners. Increases market share and responds to changes in the supply chain by quickly integrating new trading partners using a configurable toolset for developing and maintaining EDI transaction sets.

Simplifies upgrades to new versions of RADcube Enterprise Applications. Embeds specific EDI business rules without requiring intrusive programming which simplifies future upgrades. Allows quicker upgrades, ensures value from latest functionality and maximum benefit from maintenance spend. Increases inventory accuracy. Links to RADcube customer consignment consumption, supplier drop ship, Kanban activity,Supply Chain Portal advance ship notices and gateways for EDI.